Frequently Asked Questions


We are an adult community choir. This means that membership is open to everyone — men and women alike — over the age of 18. Each year, our membership averages between 30 and 40 choristers — people from all backgrounds and musical experiences. We have lawyers, teachers, piano tuners, stay-at-home mothers and grandmothers. In sum, we’re people who love to sing.

No. We are a non-auditioned choir. Members are not expected to be able to read music or have a trained voice to join the choir. Regular commitment and enthusiasm are all you need, and we strive to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for all new and returning choir members. We welcome anyone who can sing in tune and harmony with others and shares our passion for music and choral singing.

Our choir season runs for two terms each year, from September until the end of April the following year. You can join for either term or both.

Fall Term
September – December
Winter Term
January – April
Full Year Cost
$310, payable in full in September
Per Term Cost
$180 per term, payable at the beginning of the term

Musical Background & Knowledge

Many people may wonder about this. Yes, our concerts sound polished, but that’s the result of our members’ commitment and hard work. However, you don’t need to be an experienced singer or be able to read music, the most important thing is that you can hold a tune and love to sing.

You’ll learn your part during rehearsals. Also after registration you will receive a practice CD which really helps to learn your part. Usually in November and February we host a workshop for all choir members, where we focus on the new repertoire in preparation for the upcoming Christmas or Spring concert.


Our Christmas concert combines traditional choral music and carols with contemporary holiday songs. Our spring concert combines standards and contemporary music. In other words, our repertoire spans a wide range of musical styles and has included:

Not unless you want to. As a general rule, we sing together as a choir, and choral arrangements are written so that everyone gets to sing. However, a particular song may require some solo singing, but only those who want to sing solo will be asked to do so.


Performance dates, times and locations are listed on our Events page.

Festival Singers observes a dress code for its performances.

Long-sleeved black shirt, black slacks/pants
Long-sleeved black shirt, black slacks/pants, scarf
Women’s scarves are provided.
Music must be in a black binder or choir folder.

Time Commitment & Attendance

Festival Singers meets weekly for two hours. Unless otherwise stated, rehearsals run from 7:15 through 9:30 each Tuesday evening at Festival Place in Sherwood Park. There may be additional rehearsals as we near our performance dates, and our conductor will certainly provide all details about dress rehearsal times and locations.

At the start of each term, members are learning new music and settling into choir’s structure. A solid performance at the end of each term depends upon our members’ hard work and regular attendance. In other words, being part of Festival Singers is a commitment, and attendance is vital to ensuring that we put on the best possible show. You must sign the attendance sheet each week and let the conductor and/or the executive know if you’re going to be absent.

Still have questions or concerns?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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