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The success of Festival Singers’ events depends as much on the help and support of volunteers as it does on the hard work of our director, accompanist and choristers. A number of volunteer opportunities are available, and several allow you to lend a helping hand and see us perform.

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Social media coordinator

Open Volunteer Spots: 1

Festival Singers is of, and for, the people of Strathcona County. As such, we aim to contribute – in a vital and viable way – to arts and culture in our communities. We strive to cultivate positive relationships not only with our members, but to also raise our profile through our social networks. We’re seeking…Find Out More

Gift basket assembler

Open Volunteer Spots: 3

Festival Singers’ annual gift basket raffle is a key fundraising activity. Our choristers each contribute either cash or an in-kind gift (e.g., bottle of wine, gardening or barbecue tools, assortment of cheeses) for inclusion in themed gift baskets. Once all contributions are collected, clever and creative volunteers put the baskets together, wrapping them such that…Find Out More

Event supervisor

Open Volunteer Spots: 2

Where Festival Singers hosts a licensed event, an event supervisor is needed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations pertaining to the serving of alcohol. The event supervisor plays an integral role in maximizing safety and enjoyment by ensuring everyone’s orderly conduct and compliance with maximum occupant load. The event supervisor also coordinates and oversees…Find Out More

Gift basket raffle ticket sellers

Open Volunteer Spots: 3

Festival Singers’ gift basket raffles are one of the key ways the choir raises funds to ensure that it can continue to perform and provide viable workshop programs. There are usually a number of gift baskets available, and concert patrons can purchase tickets toward the raffle. A cash box and float, as well as signage…Find Out More

Liquor and drink ticket sellers

Open Volunteer Spots: 3

Patrons will be able to buy drinks at the Festival Singers’ licensed events. A cash box and float, as well as signage with pricing, will be provided. Sales take place in the concert venue, allowing sellers to enjoy the performance. To maximize the guests’ enjoyment and minimize disruption, tickets will be sold during intermission(s) only…Find Out More


Open Volunteer Spots: 4

Where Festival Singers is performing at a licensed event, bartenders may be required to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Note: In order to comply with provincial legislation and with regulations set forth by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC), all bartenders must be 18 years of age or older and hold a valid…Find Out More

Sorry, there are no volunteer opportunities available right now.

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