Three Things Good Choral Directors Do

Three Things Good Choral Directors Do By Jamie Babbit Choral directors have a fun, yet rough job. Imagine commandeering a room/church/auditorium filled with singers. I know, the mind boggles, doesn’t it? I hate to generalize, but singers are almost impossible to commandeer; I liken it to herding cats. Firstly, most of us singers love to talk.

Better Vowels In An Instant

Better Vowels In An Instant Vowels, vowels, vowels. Choir directors are all about vowels. Vowels are all about shape. The biggest problem I encounter with vowels is that they lack height. Another problem is that they lack structure. Here are some tips to help both problems. AW-ROO – your new best friend.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Choral conductors and singers share their own practicing best practices

Practice, Practice, Practice Singers are frustrated too, of course. Practicing can easily take a back seat to work, family, school, and other life obligations. And choral conductors understand what their singers are up against. “Our world right now is overwhelming to people,” says Jennifer Tibben, music director of Bella Voce, a women’s chorus in Reno, Nevada, who herself leads seven choirs and has six children at home.