Practice, Practice, Practice: Choral conductors and singers share their own practicing best practices

Practice, Practice, Practice Singers are frustrated too, of course. Practicing can easily take a back seat to work, family, school, and other life obligations. And choral conductors understand what their singers are up against. “Our world right now is overwhelming to people,” says Jennifer Tibben, music director of Bella Voce, a women’s chorus in Reno, Nevada, who herself leads seven choirs and has six children at home.

Community choirs take over the world!

Community choirs take over the world! – Total Choir Resources It’s never been more popular to sing in a choir. The choral landscape is unrecognisable to what it was only a few years ago. Choirs are springing up in communities all over the place and they look very different to the choirs of old! We stopped singing In bygone decades, choral singing was basically the …